It's impossible for all the beautiful women on this earth to fall into a category on a size chart online. We are tall, short, toned, new-mums, older, younger and everything in-between. 

We're proud to say that our Daley Swim babes are real, happy and healthy. We aren't about airbrushing or filtering women's imperfections, but embracing them! (That's why our images are raw and unedited!)

Our swimwear has been designed with you in mind - the real woman who is on the go. The pieces are seamless, and our size guide below can help you choose the right fit for you. 

For all in-between sizes, or if you can't decide on a size then we recommend to go up a size, rather than down, due to the elastic nature of our Indonesian Lycra. Our sizing is a guideline only and as always, sizing is down to personal preference so please consider this when choosing. 

For those of you who know our story, we are a young start-up brand with big dreams to provide swimwear for women of all sizes. With that in mind, our initial launch collection reluctantly only offers Small, Medium or Large however with time and growth we plan to expand our range across all sizes to suit all women. 

S 8 4 8 A-B
M 10 6 10 B-C
L 12 8 12 C-D